Illegal doesn’t mean immoral

If you make billions in profit but pay your workers a not livable wage, this is legal.

It’s not only legal, it is happening RIGHT NOW, in front of our eyes, In Washington, 50 Companies Employ 37,500 Workers On Food Stamps.

But it is illegal to get an abortion in some states, and it is also illegal to cross a street (called jaywalking) that you allegedly own as a member of the city but somehow only people that own cars have the most privileges to use it.

Maybe someone back in the time got arrested and put away for life for smoking marijuana but today we found out that it’s okay to legalize it.

These couple of anecdotes only tell us that what’s legal or illegal is just a demonstration of power and a way to assert dominance and maintain privilege.

If someone gets arrested for doing something illegal but not immoral, they don’t only get savagely detained and emotionally hurt.

An arrest in your record is enough to make it almost impossible for you to get a job, a loan, a visa to somewhere else, or be accepted at a college.

With lobbying being a thing in the US, it becomes even more problematic as these laws are being made to protect the interests of powerful entities at the expense of the well-being of people.

Until you can dismantle the injustice, start by changing how you think about someone if you find out they have been previously arrested.

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