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  • Activists: The Unsung Heroes of Our Time

    AECJ (Amazon Employees for Climate Justice) decided to team up with Remote Advocacy to organize a walkout The walkout was to protest the company’s policy towards employees and climate. one thing that caught my attention was someone’s comment on Blind (an anonymous community for tech workers) The commenter said “This is a typical activist move, […]

  • Digital Cleaning (A game changer for me)

    I tend to quickly leave things midway, thinking I will come back to them and procrastinate forever. Do you have tons of clutter that is giving you anxiety? Me too Clutter is not only physical anymore. It’s not only all the unfinished projects, old clothes, mail, and unpacked boxes. There are emails, digital notes, apps […]

  • What is wrong with American democracy?

    The US is a democratic nation, but the people often disagree with their state or national government, so what exactly is wrong with American Democracy? Taxation without representation The US has a significant number of green-card holders (According to Wikipedia about ~14M in 2019) plus a considerable number of H1B workers. All pay taxes and […]

  • Cognitive disability and money problems

    When I was a student, I was impatient to turn my skill into something that could get me income, I didn’t have good connections though. My ADHD made it hard to make connections and I didn’t even know about my ADHD so the thought that I suck or was not worth it took over my […]

  • Song of equality

    In light of the recent events in Iran (If you don’t know what is going on google Mahsa Amini) I thought I would share some thoughts and experiences about the topic. Before we proceed, this is a beautiful Persian song I came across while following the trend on social media, English translation is “Song of […]