Color coding calendar tasks

Google, a huge tech company, doesn’t have a way to color code different tasks on the calendar differently.

You see, google is doing God’s work by showing tasks from the Google Tasks app on the calendar.

A wonderful feature that would have been even more wonderful if it allowed you to change the color of a single task or a list instead of all tasks having to look and dress the same.

I stumbled upon this feature request in October 2021 and yet, till the moment of writing this, this feature is not yet a thing.

Well, I spent a couple of hours tinkering and learning how to build a browser plugin, and this is the result.

A plugin that reads the color name from the task name and colors those tasks accordingly.

Well, this is the source code, so feel free to request changes or contribute if you have the time and knowledge.

2 responses to “Color coding calendar tasks”

  1. It would be helpful if instead of the color code being in the name, it could be in the description section.

    • Yeah, this however requires api access to the tasks (would need to do some research to find out if this is currently available)

      The HTML content of the page doesn’t have a reference to the task details; only the name.

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