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  • This is why I think AWS CDK is the best thing

    Hey, do you know that there’s something called AWS CDK and it’s literally amazing? I used CloudFormation before to build the infrastructure for my blog behind a load balancer (yes the very same blog you’re reading this article on right now). CloudFormation was neat but painful, files became very big and complicated, and it takes […]

  • AWS BOTO3 on iPhone

    A few days ago I was on a trip (You can read about it here), and I got hit with an email from my availability monitor that my blog is down. I didn’t have my laptop with me, I host the blog on AWS and I use AutoScale groups for EC2 hosts to deploy my […]

  • Composition VS Inheritance in stack’s implementation

    To prefer composition over inheritance was the choice of many people I happen to learn a lot from, In many cases, it sounded natural and made sense. With composition, you ensure single responsibility and loosely coupled components of your software. However, if we think that inheritance means “Is A” and composition means “Has A”, It’s […]