Health care is a nightmare

Are you moving to the US? you better be able to predict when you’ll be sick.

Planning is key because appointments are rare.

Doctors’ appointments take a long time, especially if you need to see a specialist (as opposed to a primary care physician).

Well, in case of an emergency, you can always visit the “Emergency room”.

While this is a financial crisis in most cases, it is a nightmare.

Hospitals are understaffed and it takes a while until you’re attended to.

Often you’re dealing with an unimaginable amount of pain, but there are very few nurses and physicians and so many incidents (Jobs and roads here are not safe if you’ve not figured out yet)!

For a country that wages wars that cost trillions of dollars every now and then, you’d think they have invested a big deal in health care already.

Well, the brilliant of this country decided that health care is a private sector and government spending will be in the form of money they pay to insurance companies.

As a result, companies (insurance and private health care providers) do what businesses do best, they try to maximize “profit”.

It’s almost an insult to suggest a public-owned health care system (or a public-owned anything really for that matter), but tax money paid to private firms to subsidize their sky-high profits, that’s okay.

Profit is valued above people, that is the capitalist way, and the US does capitalism the best!

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