Car control

Cars kill almost as many as guns per year in the US.

Cars are big and car dependency is fatal.

This morning, a big jeep almost hit me, I was walking on the crosswalk connecting the sidewalk.

I did not come out of nowhere, and the driver was taking a left turn.

The driver apologized saying I was in his blind spot, a stupid excuse if you’re driving a big ass car.

It’s like if I closed my eyes and shot bullets randomly then assumed I have an excuse when I kill someone since I didn’t see them.

The driver apologized. An apology that didn’t help me at all.

The fact remains that I almost got run over by a car as big as a tank INSIDE THE CITY.

Cities are no place for those big cars, and public land is a proper place to store them.

A few days ago I was crossing a street having the traffic light on my side and got almost hit by a driver checking his phone.

Sure we can have campaigns all over asking drivers to not drink and drive or to not check their phones.

But better yet, why don’t we just ban big cars in our cities?

They are terrible for our safety and for the environment (more energy consumption, more material, …etc).

With that being said, I invite you to watch this video to learn more about how big cars are killing us!

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