Category: Life

  • Learn to say no, or don’t

    Learning to say no is advice I have both got and given on various occasions. In a moment of reflection and wonder, I started looking at this in the opposite direction. Did you ever ask yourself, is my subject unable to say no and is being polite? Peer pressure expressions or passive actions come in […]

  • The internet is a weird place

    I was playing an online game of werewolves, if you don’t know what a Werewolves game is it’s simply a game of deception. I started with a joke that implied confusion about what team I would be on. Some people got angry and voted me out My role’s power would have been a great help […]

  • Helpful Websites

    This is a list of websites I like to use to increase my productivity or assist me in a positive way I’m avoiding any famous websites (Google, LinkedIn, Meetup, etc) and only listing the ones that to my best knowledge are unknown or infamous. Swurl Swurl is a great tool to search across multiple […]

  • Hello Fresh vs cooking

    I’ve tried one of the prepared meals services before and that was a no-fun experience, getting the food cooked and just microwaving it was neither tasty nor comfortable. The discomfort mainly was because I had a feeling that it was not healthy, not sure how accurate that is but I just had a bad feeling […]