Author: ahussein

  • Find a tech job in a lousy market

    I’ve experienced a job search in a lousy market myself. It took me 6 months to find a job and pushed me to my financial limits, I was so close to giving up and heading back to my home country. As an international student in the US, you usually have more to worry about if […]

  • California Science Center

    I’ve been to LA before, twice. both times I’ve visited California Science Center. once for a trip that was mediocre, I googled the 10 best things to do in LA. I made a goal to visit as many as possible in a couple of days so I skimmed through the places and never really enjoyed […]

  • This is why I think AWS CDK is the best thing

    Hey, do you know that there’s something called AWS CDK and it’s literally amazing? I used CloudFormation before to build the infrastructure for my blog behind a load balancer (yes the very same blog you’re reading this article on right now). CloudFormation was neat but painful, files became very big and complicated, and it takes […]

  • Song of equality

    In light of the recent events in Iran (If you don’t know what is going on google Mahsa Amini) I thought I would share some thoughts and experiences about the topic. Before we proceed, this is a beautiful Persian song I came across while following the trend on social media, English translation is “Song of […]

  • Hello Fresh vs cooking

    I’ve tried one of the prepared meals services before and that was a no-fun experience, getting the food cooked and just microwaving it was neither tasty nor comfortable. The discomfort mainly was because I had a feeling that it was not healthy, not sure how accurate that is but I just had a bad feeling […]

  • Werewolves and infinite rounds of prisoners’ dilemma

    Do you know what is prisoner’s dilemma? If not read about it here or watch this video or both (why not?). What about Werewolves? well it’s a social deception game, you can read about it here (and soon I might write a bit about it too) – there’s also this article I wrote about how […]

  • AWS BOTO3 on iPhone

    A few days ago I was on a trip (You can read about it here), and I got hit with an email from my availability monitor that my blog is down. I didn’t have my laptop with me, I host the blog on AWS and I use AutoScale groups for EC2 hosts to deploy my […]

  • A week long road trip

    Not so long ago I decided to celebrate my birthdays from now on by visiting somewhere new and exciting, last year wanted to visit the Corral Bluffs in Colorado but it seems like you can’t just go there any day instead visited the Garden of Gods which I absolutely love. This year I had the […]

  • My meetup adventure

    This post is about the story of creating a community of Werewolves players using meetup. (This is not an advertisement post) What is Werewolves? Werewolves is a role-playing game, It involves bluffing, building strategies, and psychological analysis. This game is quite addictive, when we play it we usually spend a long time talking about the […]

  • Composition VS Inheritance in stack’s implementation

    To prefer composition over inheritance was the choice of many people I happen to learn a lot from, In many cases, it sounded natural and made sense. With composition, you ensure single responsibility and loosely coupled components of your software. However, if we think that inheritance means “Is A” and composition means “Has A”, It’s […]