The internet is a weird place

I was playing an online game of werewolves, if you don’t know what a Werewolves game is it’s simply a game of deception.

I started with a joke that implied confusion about what team I would be on.

Some people got angry and voted me out

My role’s power would have been a great help to my team, so they probably regretted voting me out.

They decided to blame losing the game on me, they reported me to the game platform hoping I get banned.

Well, since playing that game online only involves chatting by typing, it wasn’t simple to explain my strategy

Telling them that an opposite team player would not out themselves that easily.

I decided to try something out instead.

I faked having anxiety and feeling bad about the whole thing.

Sent texts like:

“I’m sorry this ruined the game for you, I certainly didn’t mean that!”

“Report me if it would make you feel better but I was only making a joke at the start of the game”

“I won’t play this game again, I didn’t mean to annoy anyone”

To which I got the responses:


“Yes leave, you’re making this game a better place”

“You’re no comedian”

“You **** the game for us you ****” (I didn’t obfuscate the bad words here, the game platform did, so I will never know what kind of insult I got)

Seriously internet, why so mean?

I’m completely immune to all of those mean comments.

In fact, I was even faking my apology.

But what if someone else was feeling bad for real?

What if someone was having a tough day and trying to get on a gaming platform to have a good time?

What is it that makes you feel that you want to be mean to others because you think they suck at a game?

Let’s be nice

I hope you get a chance to be nice to someone today so they feel loved.

And in case someone was mean to you today?

Don’t bother!

And maybe don’t even get mad at them.

The best revenge is living well, so go on and have fun with your life ❤️

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