Helpful Websites

This is a list of websites I like to use to increase my productivity or assist me in a positive way

I’m avoiding any famous websites (Google, LinkedIn, Meetup, etc) and only listing the ones that to my best knowledge are unknown or infamous.


Swurl is a great tool to search across multiple platforms, It searches news, images, Wikipedia, Twitter, Reddit, and more.

With everything in a side-by-side view, it’s a really nice way to familiarize me with a topic easily and quickly.


Yamli is an excellent website for those who wish to turn their franco-Arabic into Arabic scripting, it’s a brilliant tool.


Youglish is a beautiful tool I use to understand how a specific word or expression is normally used.

It searches youtube for videos with the word or the expression, then you can see tons of people use it in their videos and get a sense of what is the correct way to use it.

The web archive

The web archive has old versions of most web pages you can think of.

You can go there to find the old version of a page that was modified or to find a web page that was completely deleted.

super helpful!

What else?

Do you love a website and want to share it with others? post it in a comment!

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