California Science Center

I’ve been to LA before, twice. both times I’ve visited California Science Center.

once for a trip that was mediocre, I googled the 10 best things to do in LA.

I made a goal to visit as many as possible in a couple of days so I skimmed through the places and never really enjoyed anything.

I even fell asleep watching the best thing I would’ve enjoyed on that trip.

It was a show about the rise of mammals.

I guess the key is to visit fewer places and enjoy more of them.

That’s what I did when I visited Zion national park, I only hiked the angel’s landing trail and it was a blessed day. (see my previous road trip post here)

So what is the place to visit if I only got enough time to enjoy the city? you guessed it.

As stated here, Admission to California Science Center is free but you need a paid reservation for the IMAX theater.

There are other activities like VR experiences and simulations that would cost 3$-15$ (in case you need to check your budget)

There are wonderful movies you can watch in the IMAX theater, I watched ASTEROID HUNTERS 3D and it was awesome 🤩

The science center is suitable for children and adults.

I think especially children would have a fun time there.

Below is a short video of a few of what can be enjoyed there.

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