Song of equality

In light of the recent events in Iran (If you don’t know what is going on google Mahsa Amini) I thought I would share some thoughts and experiences about the topic.

Before we proceed, this is a beautiful Persian song I came across while following the trend on social media, English translation is “Song of equality” and I used its name as the title for the article.

Well, I watched the movie “The stoning of Soria” a while back and it’s such a heartbreaking story. Still, this article is not going to go that dark, dark enough to shock you if you don’t know enough or trigger you if you know enough, but not dark enough to compete with such a story, so if you are going to watch the movie, be warned.

Traveling for school

I did travel for school, having the option to do so gives you a better chance at studying something you want/love.

My sisters on the other hand didn’t have this option, I was allowed it because I’m a male, they can’t leave their father’s house unless to get married and be in some other man’s custody (the way I see it at least).

A girl I don’t know personally but her story was well known to my group of friends, went away to study, and she was strong enough to convince her father to be onboard (a tough mission for the majority of girls).

The victory didn’t last long enough, see the thing about controlling women in our society is that it’s not an option, a girl does it the others would say why not me, so naturally her relatives didn’t let it go, the girl was kidnapped by her relatives, returned home and never was allowed to go to her school again.

What to wear

Being allowed to enjoy letting her hair breathe is something not many women have.

I guess if you’ve googled Mahsa Amini that you already know what I’m talking about, but again I’m here to tell stories that are more associated with me.

If a girl in my society decides that she doesn’t want to wear a hijab she’s to be considered a shame, told she’s ugly, and get a lot of pressure from everyone.

You get less pressure if you’re a drug addict, and probably no pressure at all if you’re abusing your wife or hitting your sisters.


Most people consider that there’s no such thing as marital rape, if she’s your wife she’s also your masturbation cup, and forcing her to have sex is not considered rape.

In a conversation with a so-called friend, he said “you’re not married though and you don’t know how it feels to be rejected by your wife”, he said so defending a religious leader “Sheikh” when I was criticizing him for saying that there’s no such a thing as marital rape, yes, the feeling of rejection is a good enough justification for rape.


I’m writing this to share my support with the women of Iran, Egypt, and anywhere else where they suffer oppression and injustice.

I dream of a future where my sisters don’t have to struggle because of their biological gender, and until this day comes, I will make sure to hum the song of equality so it can be heard.

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