Hello Fresh vs cooking

I’ve tried one of the prepared meals services before and that was a no-fun experience, getting the food cooked and just microwaving it was neither tasty nor comfortable.

The discomfort mainly was because I had a feeling that it was not healthy, not sure how accurate that is but I just had a bad feeling about it.

After a while of cooking rice or pasta, occasionally some beans, lentils soup, mashed potatoes, and repeat.

There was no plan, I check my stock and cook whatever I feel like, some things go bad and get thrown in the trash and sometimes I feel bored and order something, by doing so going back to an allegedly not a healthy decision and a financially bad one if repeated enough time. 🤔

Finally, I’ve tried Hello Fresh, I get exact portions with a recipe, and I follow the simple recipe and cook my meals.

The catch is, I realized that I can achieve similar benefits without needing hello fresh or similar services if I plan carefully.

The planning part makes the service still valuable because it spares you the pressure and time to plan but if you can afford the planning you can get yourself a better deal.

If you order the same ingredients yourself they end up close in terms of price, you might even be saving with exact portions as nothing goes bad and wasted (given you consume your meals on time).

By plannig the meals yourself you can do the shopping on your own time, get more of what you love/need and less or none of the ingredients you don’t care about, you can improvise on the recipe before shopping so nothing goes wasted or consumed just because it’s in the recipe.

It can be a fun hobby and less of a chore if you make a game out of it, get some cookbooks and try as many new recipes as possible too.

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